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What to Expect During and After Your Session

What to expect during an Emotion/Body Code session

Before our scheduled appointment time, I will spend some time going through your information sheet that you will have submitted to me in advance.  I will begin connecting in with your energy at that time, intuitively feeling what the focus of the session might be.


  • First, I will call you at the scheduled time, and we will take about 5 minutes to discuss what your primary focus of the session is, how you are feeling after the last session,(if appropriate) and if there are any concerns or questions that you might have. 

    • Sessions are completely unique to the individual client and could be focused on the following:

Heart Wall release (typically requires 5-7 sessions)

Looking for imbalances in the  physical, emotional, and mental bodies.

Focusing on feelings of anxiousness, abandonment, rejection, and fear.   Sessions may also remove self sabotage blocks, negative beliefs, family/relationship/work issues, self-esteem issues, and feeling stuck.

  • No matter the specific issue, we will use most of the session time to locate and release the trapped energies which underly the issue.


  • Next, We will prepare for the session.  I will lead you through a brief visualization to ground you and open your chakras.  I will set the intention that the session serves for your highest and best good. I will call on your higher guidance ( which could include your spirit guides, your higher Self, angels, ascended masters and teachers) to assist in bringing forth the trapped energies that no longer serve you, so that they can be released. I will set up an energetic container which will hold these released energies until the end of the session when we will release them to the light to be transmuted .


  • After this short visualization exercise I will then check to make sure that I am fully connected with you energetically, and we will begin the actual session.  This will be approximately 30-45 minutes of identifying and releasing trapped energies.  There may be times when I will ask you to clarify some information, but most of the time I can get the information through muscle testing myself and intuition.  I work very closely with my own spirit guides, and I will often hear messages or feel the emotion that needs to be released before I even muscle test, and I’ll use muscle testing simply  to verify an answer.  This work is done releasing one emotion at a time.  You can not hurry the process.  It is like peeling an onion. Logic (the mental mind) is not involved, nor is linear time.  Your body’s innate wisdom will bring up the emotion that needs to be released, whether it was trapped in infancy, last week, or inherited through generations past.


  • Finally, we will begin closure to the session at about 45-50 min.  Closure includes but is not limited to:

A process to transmute the energies that were released during the session

Balancing the chakras

Integrating the light of your Higher Self into your chakras and auric field

Raising your energetic vibration and shielding you from outside negative energies 


  • Lastly, I will then consciously and verbally disconnect from your energy field.  Depending on the time left, I will answer any questions you may have and set up appointment times for further sessions.  The amount of sessions needed is completely individual. You will know intuitively how deeply you want to go.  Most clients will complete at least 6 sessions, especially if wanting to clear their heart wall. It is recommended that you wait at least a week before having another session.  This allows the body to process the releases.



What to expect after the session:


  • I will email your session report which includes all the trapped energies released during the session.


  • Everyone is unique and experiences energy work differently.  These are some positive results that my clients have experienced:

feeling lighter

feeling less triggered by others

feeling more calm and peaceful

having greater clarity and focus on what I really want from life

feeling more self love and self compassion 

having an expanded awareness of some of the old patterns of behavior which no longer serve me

being able to see how past memories affect my present behaviors

feeling a deeper connection to my own inner truth and wisdom and trusting this to guide me

feeling greater self-esteem and self-worth

feeling more empowered and free to create an abundant, joyful life

feeling greater self acceptance and less judgmental

feeling more open hearted and loving



  • Sometimes, as the body processes the releases, you may feel more tired, more emotional, or have vivid dreams.  This should only last a few days, which is why it’s important to just listen to your body and rest. Most clients do not experience these side effects, but if you do, this is normal.


  • Feel free to email me about any concerns or questions you may have after a session.


A special note of welcome:

It is my hope that understanding the process will help you to feel comfortable and safe in working with me.  

Again, each session is tailored and unique to you.  It is my honor to be your guide and to hold an energetic space of love, light, and support for you as you move forward on your  energyhealing journey.


With much love,


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