Today I Choose

April 5, 2020

I Choose my Creator I AM  Presence


Aligning with the  awareness of consciousness lights the way to limitless possibilities.

I choose from this expanded space of unbounded awareness: 

I choose:


  • creation over reaction

  • surrender over resistance

  • hope over discouragement

  • gratitude over taking for granted

  • self empowerment over helplessness

  • acceptance over suffering

  • compassion over contempt

  • kindness over judgement

  • balance and harmony over chaos

  • unity over separation

  • wisdom of the heart over mental confusion

  • present moment peace over future anxiety

  • beauty and grace over bitterness

  • freedom over powerlessness

  • forgiveness over anger

  • courage over fear

  • joy over despair

  • divine connection over abandonment

  • trust in the divine intelligence and orchestration of the Universe over hopelessness


In all of these qualities of awareness is Love

I choose Love  I am a creator being.  I am free to choose what I wish to create.

I am creating my reality from within.  As I activate these powerful vibrations within me, I am also radiating these out to all those around me, and to the collective consciousness.


I am only responsible for my creation.  What energies am I radiating out there?  For that which is within me, I am seeding in to the collective consciousness.

We are ONE.  Energy knows no separation, no borders. 


 I am either consciously choosing to align with the power of these higher vibrational energies of love, or I am unconsciously (by default) choosing the lower, denser energies of fear and powerlessness.  Again and again and again, I am free to choose what I wish to create.  That is the power of NOW.  There is no other time, but NOW.


When I drop to a lower state of unconsciousness (and this will happen, either due to my own negative thinking or due to absorbing negative energies from the collective consciousness)  I remember the power within me, and I send unconditional love to that version of me who got lost in separation. I breathe in deeply, and  I hold the focus and intention to realign with my Creator I Am Presence in this NOW moment.


I hold all of you in my heart.  May you continue to awaken to the power of truth that is within you, to your identity as a divine being of light in this physical body.  May you be a way shower of light in this tumultuous time.  We have the potential now, unlike any other time ,to transform, evolve, and to raise the consciousness of humanity, creating a new way of being and living in harmony and balance with Mother Earth.





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