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Life’s Journey to Inner Peace and Balance

Your  Energy Healing Journey Begins Here

Hello, my name is Kathleen, and I am a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner through Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of "The Emotion Code" and The Body Code system.


I feel so passionate about this energy modality because I have personally witnessed profound transformation in people's lives that resulted from the release of negative trapped emotions at the physical and energetic levels of the body. Please visit the rest of my web pages to learn more and to contact me.  It would be an honor  to  assist you in your own path toward self transformation.


Blessings and light as you travel on your energy healing  journey.



How the Emotion/Body Code Works to bring you Wellbeing and Balance in your life.


Dr. Bradley Nelson was the first to develop this amazing energy technique known as The Emotion/Body Code. This is a simple and powerful method of identifying and releasing negative trapped energies.  These emotional energies can become trapped within us at any age ranging from prenatal to the present. They can even be inherited.  Because trapped emotions are made of energy, they create imbalances in the physical body (tissues, organs, glands, nerves and skeletal structures) as well as in the energy circuits (chakras and meridians). These imbalances can cause physical and emotional distress which may lead to disease.


These trapped emotions can also create a wall around the heart, called the Heart Wall.

This heart wall may cause stress and feelings of anxiousness which can block the flow of giving and receiving love. This block may cause us to feel disconnected from others as well as ourselves. It prevents us from being the person we are meant to be and living an authentic life.


Through muscle testing, each specific trapped emotion is identified as to what age it was trapped and where in the body it is creating the imbalance.  The trapped emotion is then easily released with a magnet. Releasing trapped emotions brings the body back into balance. Physical and emotional difficulties are often resolved.  Clients have reported that results are profound.  (Please see testimonials under the tab "My Life's Journey))

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