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My Own Journey

Name: Kathleen Kuper



Northeastern IL. State U.

-BA in French, Spanish, Science ED

University of IL. Chicago

-MA in French

St. Xavier U.

-Advanced Certification in Education and Curriculum



- Level 3 Belief Code Practitioner

- Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

- Certified Body Code Practitioner

- Reiki I, II

- Yoga 

- Pilates

Through the many years that I have practiced yoga and ballet, I have always experienced a deep connection between body, mind, and spirit .


Life is a journey and for me, this journey took a huge leap forward when I became attuned to Reiki.  I had just retired from a fulfilling teaching career, and the year was 2006.  I journeyed to Taos New Mexico for my Reiki certification. The practice of Reiki opened me to a much deeper understanding of how our energy body is connected to the physical body and what an amazing capacity we have within us for self healing.

This desire to learn more about energy work and our energy meridians led me to Dr. Bradley Nelson. I first heard about Dr. Nelson in 2008 when he presented the Emotion Code on a webinar entitled “Living Energy Secrets”.  I could feel an immediate resonance with what Dr. Nelson was saying, and I was fortunate to be able to personally attend his seminar in Chicago on the Emotion Code. I knew then that I wanted to become a certified practitioner of The Emotion Code so that I could help others experience this amazing holistic method.   About a year later, I became certified in The Body Code under Dr. Nelson’s certification program.  This additional certification allowed me to delve even deeper into releasing trapped energies that are creating imbalances anywhere within the body, circuits and meridians.

Fast forward to January, 2024 when I attended the in-person seminar with Dr. Nelson and his team to become an advanced practitioner of The Belief Code, which Dr. Nelson had just released.

Like following a tree down to its roots, using The Belief Code we can trace a negative belief system down to the subconscious mind and unearth unwanted ideas to free your mind, body, and spirit. By focusing on beliefs held in the subconscious, these too can be cleared.  

Negative trapped emotions, energies and limited/core beliefs are detected by tapping into your subconscious mind.  Did you know that your conscious mind is only 10% of your brain?  The other 90% is your subconscious mind, which is like a computer, or data base, that records every single thing you have ever done or experienced in your entire life. This data base continues to grow and add-on every time you’re triggered from a previous emotionally charged event. The more emotionally charged a conflict or situation, the higher the tendency for the subconscious to make negative associations. Just the act of remembering an emotionally charged event triggers the same neuro-pathways as when the original event occurred. The subconscious mind is constantly making associations in an effort to keep you safe.  Yet because these associations are not based on rational thought, these errors in reasoning lead to faulty beliefs. These are some of the negative beliefs that we can release using The Belief Code.

This is such an exciting time !!!  Our subconscious knows exactly what negative energies that your body is harboring and what we need to clear and bring back balance physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually !!!  We only have to ask.

You can visit the discover healing website to read more about The Belief Code.

My Journey

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Favorite Quote:


“One only sees with the heart.  What is essential is invisible to the eye.”       

 Antoine St. Exupery


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Belief Code certification conference 

Jan. 18-20, 2024

What Clients Have To Say

Monique from New Mexico:


I have had the good fortune of working with Kathleen for several weeks. I had heard about The Emotion Codes during an interview with Dr. Bradley Nelson. The impact of this method seemed so successful that I immediately went in search of a practitioner. I came across Kathleen's website, reached out an set up an initial session that was followed by additional sessions.


Kathleen is an experienced and competent practitioner who brings years of experience with both the Emotion and Body Codes as well as other complimentary modalities. She is highly intuitive and at times tapped into information I had avoided discussing with her. She is adept and is able to access information quickly. During our sessions we unearthed prenatal and childhood traumas that have kept me from living my life and expressing myself more fully. The release of these trapped emotions and traumas has had a wonderful impact on my day-to-day experience. I feel more present and less vigilant. Solutions to problems present themselves readily and from a more relaxed state. 


I have struggled with anxiety for the past couple years and over the course of my sessions I experienced fewer episodes that over time proved to be not nearly as acute or severe. As a result of my work with Kathleen, I feel more grounded, more confident and able to manage stressful situations without the debilitating effects of anxiety. These sessions had a cumulative effect that encouraged me to move forward with the work.  


Kathleen is a caring practitioner who was willing to invest the time needed to assist me in moving through some challenging yet transformative times. I highly recommend her services. 

Sara from Chicago :


Kathleen is a Godsend! My six sessions were so refreshing, healing, eye opening and allowed me to get a new perspective about many things. She did a great job of creating a comfortable atmosphere when dealing with vulnerable areas of my life. The lightness I felt after our sessions was incredible! You can truly feel her work is a passion for her and she will thrive and make this world a better place. I am forever grateful for having found Kathleen and highly recommend her for anyone who is need of spiritual, mental and physical healing.


Natalie from Florida:


No amount of therapy could ever do what Kathleen has done for me. Energy clearing is wonderful because it releases the energies that are causing problems FOR GOOD. I feel so blessed to have worked with Kathleen on my heart wall. In just a few months I went from being completely closed to love, giving and receiving to completely open and in love with life and the people who surround me.

Now I see love all around me and I feel the interconnectedness of (us) all. It was a pleasure working with Kathleen because she has a warm personality, deep intuition, and the most beautiful guidance.


Betty from Illinois:


I would like to thank Kathy for sharing her skills with those of us who have broken souls and tattered hearts. After a lifetime of 'traditional' therapy, including one session when the therapist sat at his desk and said not a word while I cried for the entire hour, I have found a gentle, dedicated healer who takes one through the trauma but leaves her whole in the end. Kathy is a soothing presence when one is confronted with issues that have affected a lifetime. She is persistent and quickly gets to the problem even when the patient has no idea of why or how an emotion has caused damage. She gently leads through painful scenarios and the patient comes through the session stronger than before - less of a victim and more of a fighter.
Thank you, Kathy, for your gentle spirit and your willingness to help heal the soul.




It’s difficult to describe how I’ve changed since working the Emotion Code & the Body Code with Kathleen.  From the first visit, I felt relaxed & like a weight was being chipped away.  I have been sleeping better & am more in tune to my emotions & how to deal with them.  I’ve had energy work done before, but this is a different modality & I felt like I could actually notice the progress that was made.  Kathleen’’s kindness & patience shines through making each visit  a pleasure.  I was referred to her by a friend & would not hesitate to refer her myself.  



Lindsey from Illinois:

Dear Kathleen,  

I can't thank you enough for all your help thus far.  I read your blog this morning and was inspired and reminded of my own experiences with my guides and teachers.  I was often told that when the student is ready, the teacher appears.  You are exactly the teacher I needed.  Thank you!

Patrick from Illinois:


Working with Kathleen I have been very pleased especially with the reduction in my level of daily physical pain. I know now in my heart that the complete removal of my heart wall had a profound effect on me and the physical pain reduction was the one thing I noticed early on. The other thing I noticed was how I felt free and lighter, like being free from something that I was not even aware I was carrying around. Also, I don't feel as guilty or resentful and worried about my past. I don't feel I was to blame for feeling the way I did. The "work" I did with Kathleen helped me realize that my emotions played such a huge role in how I felt and to learn of the emotions I had trapped inside explained a lot to me. Having those trapped emotions released with Kathleen was enlightening. Everything Kathleen did was done in such a loving and peaceful way. I received a completely new perspective, one I never had, one that enlightened me to just how much our emotions can be absorbed from our past relationships. The entire experience has changed my perspective on my life during childhood, my life now as an adult and as my ability to grow as a Spiritual being. Thanks Kathleen!



IEB from Atlanta, GA:


I am so very grateful for my time working with Kathleen!  She is very caring and methodical in her work and a consummate professional in the manner she conducts her sessions.  When I began my work with her I was in a very low place having lost my job, home and overall hope that favorable outcomes would ever brighten my path again.  She removed my entire Heart Wall (which was several thousand miles mind thick you), in addition to working through trapped emotions associated with my downsizing along with some a long-standing physical life has completely turned around for the better!  I received more dates last month alone than I have gotten in years!  I am now seeing a kind and highly spiritual guy and new professional opportunities are coming into my world left and right! It's like night and day! Thanks again for all your help and support!



K.H. from Illinois:


Kathleen is a very warm and caring person. I enjoyed my sessions with her very much. I feel so much more self confident. The sessions triggered many emotional memories that were stored in my body and she released those. Many emotions came from past generations which she found and released also. All in all, I feel that Kathleen is able to get right to business with her testing method to get to the heart of the matters that are keeping us held hostage and keep repeating the old feelings and patterns. I feel much freer and am able to say no without feeling guilty and to manifest my self esteem and self confidence in a manner that makes me feel really in control of who I am supposed to be without all the pent up baggage.



Bonnie from Chicago suburbs:


Thank you Kathleen for the wonderful work you did on removing my heart wall. I grew up feeling that my heart was surrounded by a cage and that it had a sad seed in the center of it. I used to think that my imagination conjured up that description, but after releasing the negative energies with you during our 6 sessions, I know it was real.
Since working with you I have felt happier, more content, more compassionate, stronger and so much better. I no longer feel the pressure on my chest and no longer feel that my heart is centered in sadness. I used to need a glass of wine every night to transition from day to night. I can honestly said that this long-time habit no longer serves me. I feel blessed that I found a loving and caring practitioner in you Kathleen. Thank you, thank you, thank you.



E.F. from Colorado:


It has been only seven weeks since my heart wall was cleared and I have great expectations. So far, I notice that I have more compassion for people with their various problems and I've been handling the stuff that comes up in my own life with more ease and grace. I have even received compliments about this so I know it's not just my imagination. Also, my husband seems to be kinder and more generous (or perhaps I am now able to accept more kindness and generosity from him).



 Meg from Illinois:

After my heart wall was cleared using the Emotion Code, I decided to continue working with Kathleen using the Body Code to address some long-term health problems. We started with Lichen Sclerosis, an itchy, uncomfortable and embarrassing condition of the skin around the genitals. I am very happy to report that I saw improvement almost immediately. That was a month ago and the condition is 90% improved! I am amazed and very grateful.



Susan from Dow, IL.


It seems I have lived with an underlying anxiety all my life, always worried that I wouldn't measure up to any given task. After Kathleen cleared my heart wall, much of which consisted of trapped emotions of anxiety and failure (among others), my underlying anxiety is gone! I especially felt relief when she released the last two trapped emotions from my heart wall, which turned out to be inherited emotions (going back 20 generations!) of anxiety and worry! So many of my trapped emotions were absorbed from my parents that I now have great empathy for what they must have gone through. I eagerly anticipate living a happier life without all the underlying negative emotional baggage! I really enjoyed my sessions with Kathleen, and look forward to working with her in the future on other issues.


Sylvia from Chicago:


Kathleen’s energy work has been vital in my path to healing. Her special gift of working with subtle energy has provided me with the chance to release all the baggage and negative energy which I’ve been unconsciously holding onto. As human beings, we inevitably internalize painful events and toxic energy from others as well as from our immediate environment; Kathleen can help release those energies and make you whole again. After the release of my heart wall, the emotions which were once so painful seem like mere recollections which float above me like clouds. These painful emotions no longer have any control over me and I feel a sense of weightlessness when I now move about the world. I can truly say that meeting Kathleen has been a blessing and I would recommend anyone who desires to “unload” their baggage to consult with her.



Kathy B. from Idaho writes:  


I spent an hour (by proxy) with Kathleen Kuper working on my heart wall. I am so amazed at the outcome. Kathleen was fabulous and we reached areas that I had forgotten about and even thought was not important at one time. I can’t tell you how amazing Kathleen was to find the information she found. I didn’t think this was possible with me and I believe we took my soul to another level. We even had an experience with a feeling the presence of a friend who has passed on. I am amazed and grateful for the Emotion Code and people like Kathleen who are helping others. Thank you Kathleen!!



Tove from Cleveland:


I am grateful to have been able to work with Kathleen on my heartwall. My anxiety have been reduced by at least 75% and the constant ache that was present in my heart is completely gone. I feel like a new person. 



Bob from Chicago:


Kathleen’s work with me caused me to walk about with a more open heart. While it was a subtle change, it was significant. Her work with me in releasing my heart wall left me feeling a new sense of hope, like I had been through much, and it was time to come out the other side of it into a life of new confidence and openness. It was amazing how much she could sense accurately. She is kind, has a great sense of humor, and is wonderful to work with. Thank you, Kathleen.


F T. from Texas:


I would say I am generally well rounded person and don't think of my self having any major issues or dramatic past to seek this "treatment" but it took 6 sessions for my heart wall to go away. Already after the first one I felt so much lighter. It literary felt as if a stone fell from my heart. 

I now can process everyday stress with less negative emotions. When something unpleasant happens, I don't feel the anxiety and my body doesn't go through the sicking reactions to stress. 

I am so glad I did this and I would recommend the Emo Code to everyone.


Maria from New Mexico:


After my sessions with Kathleen I find that I am more at peace with myself. Many new insights about who I really am. Many subtle and wonderful feelings of more freedom to live. I feel lighter. Thank you Kathleen.  Love, Maria


Charlie from Illinois:


Kathi........ I was delighted to work with you and experience how you masterfully peeled off layers and layers of my heart wall with careful sensitivity.  I felt in good hands during all the sessions, watching, feeling, and experiencing your every move.  No doubt about it, you've mastered the technology of the Emotion Code, and I truly want to learn it as well as you.

During today's session I felt increasingly free with each TE released.

I appreciate also your directives for me from here on. And so, thank you a whole, big bunch.



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