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Musings from Within

Musings from Within


Hello My Dear Friends,

As I’ve been contemplating the creation of this blog, I must sincerely confess that I’ve been stuck as to what I could share in a “blog”. Truthfully, it’s a brand new format for me. And, as much as I do enjoy writing, I have felt frozen about moving forward with a blog. Yet, I have definitely been hearing the whispers and the nudges, “come on Kathleen, what is holding you back?” Well, I don’t know!!!!

This, I realize right now, in this present moment, is a perfect opportunity for me to, “put my money where my mouth is”, and to check in with The Emotion/Body Code.

So, I start by asking some questions to myself, using muscle testing to get some answers from my subconscious mind. “Is there something standing in the way of me creating this blog? Do I have a trapped emotion that is keeping me stuck, causing me to self sabotage, distracting me from my purpose? Is there something I can release that is holding me back?

Within a session that lasted less than 10 minute, here is what I was able to uncover and release:

Heartache: Age 5 kindergarten; some creation-a drawing-that I had made that was very special to me. My kindergarten teacher said something negative to me about my drawing. I felt that she judged it as not acceptable, not good enough. I could see her face that was not kind and gentle, but scowling.

Crying: Age 5 same incident. I could feel the pain in my heart from the teacher’s words. I stuffed the emotion down because I could never share my hurt with the teacher, and of course, isn’t the teacher always right? She is the authority.

I ask again, “Are there any other trapped emotional energies that are holding me back from sharing my writings in this blog?

I get a “No” answer. I ask again to make sure. “Is there any thing else that needs to be released that is standing in the way of my ability to share my personal writings with the public in this format?”

Again, I get a “No” answer.

So, who would have thought that I would still be holding on to the energy from that incident at age 5? Yet, that little girl, who is afraid that her creation will be judged not good enough, is still buried in my subconscious. And, those trapped emotions are so powerful, they have been keeping me frozen in fear of being judged without my have any conscious awareness of it. Another realization occurs to me with regards to the creation process. Part of that little girl’s trust in her own self was diminished that day. What she thought was a beautiful creation that she had put her heart into, was judged as not good enough. She believed then, that authority figures “judge” correctly. Authority figures know all. So, a little piece of herself began to believe the whisper in her mind , “you’re not good enough”

We can easily release these unconscious beliefs and trapped emotions once they are identified and brought to conscious awareness. The Emotion/Body Code system of healing is gentle, effective, and amazingly simple.

I have to tell you that I now feel much lighter and much more self assured when I think about sharing my thoughts with you all. Kind of funny, isn’t it? I work with clients all the time using this powerful modality. Yet, it was right in front of my nose all along to be used for my own healing. Why was I stuck in confusion when all I needed to do was ask some questions of my own subconscious. Well, I believe that all is in divine timing. This moment was the perfect time to manifest my creation.

I thank you all for allowing me to share my own healing journey along with you.

May you be blessed with love, joy, abundance, and inspiration.

In love and light,


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