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Healing Past Lives

Healing Past Lives

I recently listened to a podcast by a spiritual teacher who posed the question: "Do we need to heal our past lives?" She states that we don’t need to heal the traumas from past lives because we exist in a new physical body, and that whatever trauma that may have been experienced in that past life was in that other physical body and not in this NOW timeline, nor in this present physical body. I find this to be a very interesting topic because of the work that I do with my clients as a practitioner of The Emotion and Body Code. I have a very different perspective on this that I will share. Although many others in the Energy field share my view, that we have the opportunity in this life to heal past life trauma, this blog is my own perspective based on my own experiences with clients.

Everything is energy. Yes, we do come down with a new physical body, in this lifetime, but, it’s common knowledge that we also carry information in our DNA from our ancestors, and we hold beliefs that may have been passed down through generations. Our Akashic records are the entire store house, or library, of our soul’s journey in all timelines and incarnations. I believe that we can and do tap into our Akashic records. As energetic, multidimensional beings, we certainly are not limited to the awareness only of this lifetime. The memories of past lives can be accessed both consciously and unconsciously. Our Higher Self may call those past life memories in at certain times to serve our highest good in this present journey, to help us learn lessons in this life and to come to a higher, expanded state of awareness.

Being aware of a past life memory can be helpful in bringing us to greater awareness about our present life. Because all emotions are energy, we can access the energy of those past life negative emotions . So, is it possible that the energies of those past life traumas could become trapped in this now physical body? I say, yes. I have worked with clients and identified specific trapped emotions and even complete heart walls that are traced back to past lives. Not only are these traumas creating imbalances in the physical body, but also in the emotional, energetic and spiritual body.

Could this NOW physical body be a communication vessel to bring these negative memories to the surface, to wake us up, to call our attention to something deeper? So often we won’t take a look at our negative emotions until the physical body cries out in pain to wake us up.

We are connected to All That Is, including other versions of ourselves beyond the linear timeline of this life. These other versions of ourselves are an integral part of who we are as whole beings. So, can those past life versions of ourselves and the emotional traumas experienced in those lifetimes have an impact on this now physical body? I say “YES”. For example, if the frequency of anger is trapped from an incident in this lifetime, that same frequency of anger from another lifetime can also be held in the physical body. Let’s say, for example that in another life at age 6, you were verbally abused by an alcoholic father, and you trapped the emotions of feeling unworthy and worthless from your experience of abuse. In this life, there may be a completely different situation and age at which you experience feeling unworthy. mPerhaps your partner is verbally abusive to you or your boss at work criticizes you, and you feel completely disempowered to speak your truth. These past life emotions of feeling worthless and not being good enough are triggered because you are already holding within you the energy of these emotions. Being unconscious of these trapped emotions, you may wonder why you’re having such a strong emotional reaction to the situation. It “shouldn’t” be such a big deal. Well, the situation in this now moment has triggered the past life emotion of feeling worthless as that young child, the other version of you in that past life, who was verbally, even physically abused. On a rational level, you would say, that’s ridiculous. I’m not a 6 yr. old, I’m an adult. And, my father has only treated me with love in this life time. But, all of this is on an unconscious, energetic, soul level. The trauma of that little boy that you were at age 6 in that other life time is still a part of you, and you have access to that information, even at an unconscious level. That energy is still a part of you. That is how past life emotions can impact your life NOW.

So, is it possible that those past life energies overlap in this lifetime and that the energy of all lifetimes overlap? In other words, we are not talking about linear time here, but more circular. I would call it, the “circle of lives”. These past life negative emotions can be triggered when our negative emotions, behaviors and patterns in this life are mimicking those experienced in a past life, even if the situation is completely different.

Furthermore, we have access to the greatest versions of ourselves as well as the most wounded versions of ourselves in this and all timelines. We can intentionally call on the highest versions of ourselves as multidimensional beings to see from a higher perspective, from an elevated, or ascended version of ourself. We are creator beings and can create from this higher aspect of ourself. We can also bring to conscious awareness the traumas that we are still holding in this Now moment of life. The beliefs, limitations, and traumas from all versions of ourselves can be brought into awareness in this Now moment. This NOW moment is the only time/space portal to healing. Whether these time lines are past, parallel, or future, it is only in the NOW that we are healed through accessing these trapped energies in the body and releasing them.

Our journey in this lifetime is to remember our True Identity as whole, complete beings of love and light, of Source, of God. We are that. We are here to more fully integrate the light of our Higher Self into the physical body. We are here in this timeline, to bring all versions of ourself back into union and wholeness. That is bringing Heaven to Earth. That is what is referred to as the Ascension. We are ascending to higher frequencies and embodying this light within our physical structure. I believe that this is the “healing power” within us that we all have. The quantum universe that we are and that we have access to can definitely give us messages through our physical body. So, in my view, we aren’t here in this life to “heal” our past lives. We are here to live the greatest version of ourself in this life, to experience life from our highest potential, ever continuing to expand our awareness of who we are as eternal divine beings of light and love in this space and in this NOW moment.

As I have often shared before, I love connecting with my guides through automatic writing. Sometimes, what I receive makes rational sense to me through my mental mind. However, there are other times where what comes through makes sense, not to my mental mind, but to my Higher Self. I can intuitively feel the truth of the words, yet, I can’t always “translate” it. What came through to me here I would probably say fits the latter.

So, after meditation, I opened myself to receive guidance on this question:

Do past lives, or other timelines overlap or bleed through into this life?

Look at the sacred geometry of the flower of life, Kathleen. In this beautiful geometric shape of circles, angles, lines, you cannot see where one stops and the other continues. All of life (lives) intersect depending on your perspective in the NOW moment. As you focus on just one certain part of this sacred geometry, your intention and attention draws you in. You might consider this one life that you are focused on. Yet, as you pull your focus out and look from a higher perspective, you easily see the whole of the circle of life. There is no space that is not interconnected with another line, circle, angle of the whole. So, you may perceive these lines separately, but they are intricately woven together. Thus is the whole of your existence, it is movement from one line to another. We might even say from one pattern to another, from one experience to another, from one life to another. The appearance of separate units within this design is only an illusion. When seen from the whole, one piece is seamlessly connected into the next and the next. Always, this flower of life has the potential to continuously expand.

One could focus on several aspects of the geometric flower of life form within the circle as if they are a series of separate past lives. However, observing this geometric design from the outside of the circle, one can perceive or visualize how the design can expand, evolve, grow in form without ever losing any contact or connection to the whole. This would be like visualizing future life potentials.

So, depending on your NOW moment of perception, you can choose what you desire to focus upon, the continuous “expansion of the whole” (which would be Future possibilities), or the “specific parts” of the design (which would be experiences of the Past), and seeing how they fit into the whole.

This beautiful sacred geometry of the Flower of Life represents YOU - The All aspects of You, (the multidimensional versions of you) as well as the Oneness of you (the version of you living this life in this now moment. You are complete and whole, yet ever expanding in consciousness through “time”.

We use this symbol ,the Flower of Life, to help you visualize what the mental mind can not truly grasp. Simply connect into your heart and “know” that you are the perfect, whole, expression of the Divine. All aspects of you and lives experienced are intricately connected and interwoven.

From my heart to yours,


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