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In Union With Mother Earth

In Union with Mother Earth

One of my greatest supporters in my own Energy Healing Journey, is also one of my greatest critics. So, we both smiled at the “coincidence” when her journey (which is climate crisis action) brought her to an alliance called Pachamama whose mission is “an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.” For Dorelle, the “spiritual” dimension was what had been missing and creating great angst in her. I believe my guides were addressing both Dorelle and me in this automatic writing. After my interpretation at the end of this “automatic writing”, Dorelle has added her own reflection because, in her words, if she can “get it”, then at some level of understanding, anyone can too.

Hello, Kathleen,

I AM your Higher Self- The whole of all possible aspects of You in any dimension or state of consciousness.

In this moment of now, Kathleen, you are highly conscious, reaching into the timelessness of and depth of the present moment, connecting and “remembering” your true essence.

There are other soul versions of you in many other realities, experiencing this remembering, or awakening, as well.

So, what does this mean to “remember” or “awaken”?

It is to Re-member ( pull back together) all versions of you on any and all time lines, and bringing them into present moment awareness. It is bringing all expressions of you back into wholeness, You, as the One.

Of course, you are never really separated, ever, from yourself. This idea of separation is an illusion, a perception. Yet, it provides for you the opportunity of free will, choice, to re-member yourself back into your wholeness, unity, perfection, which is your True Self.

Your Higher Self, Your I Am presence,Your True Self is always infinitely unified. It, you, is always expanding, experiencing, and expressing itself multidimensionally.

The “We” that you often hear in your writing is your Higher Self experiencing and expressing you through multiple dimensions and states of consciousness.

The Higher Self, You, is infinitely connected to the One Creator Source energy. It is an individuated extension of Source, yet One with Source. A visual might be that of an octopus, with its separate extensions, yet moving as One.

This One Source of pure, divine, consciousness is ever expanding, experiencing, and expressing “Itself” through the unlimited versions of You. As you awaken and re-member all the soul versions of you, this pure consciousness is re-membering itself as Creator Source.

We tell you, Kathleen, I tell you Kathleen, Your God I AM presence tells you, Kathleen.

There is NO Separation, NO division from Source. The joy is in the remembering of who you truly are. This remembering will never come through the mental mind. It will only come through the Higher Heart, your chalice for the Higher Self.

You are here on planet Earth, right here, right now, in perfect Divine order to awaken and celebrate in joy, love, and peace. All the multidimensional versions of you are dedicated now to this re-membering, awakening, and ascending to an elevated awareness, a higher dimension of consciousness.

Be not in fear of what your human eyes perceive outside of you as separation. Remember the light within you of all the aspects, versions of you coming back into wholeness from a separation that never existed.

This is the higher perspective needed now on Mother Earth.

Ascend, transcend the lower dimensions of consciousness. This power is within you. It is the power of the Universe, of the One Source. Focus this light, radiate it out to all those around you, consciously intending through the power that you are, that this light shines through the darkness. There are so many light workers now, sharing this light, radiating it out from their hearts to Mother Earth. She receives this love and light, helping her re-member, realigning with her True Self as the being of love, peace, beauty, purity.

I, We, Mother Earth, the Universe, the multi Verse are all One Consciousness, experiencing the joy of creation and renewal.

My perception:

Reading this may seem too far out there, not grounded in reality. You may ask the questions, how does this pertain to where I am now, to where I am going, to my everyday existence?

The more important questions are: Who am I? How do I fit with everything around me? What is my purpose here, right now? How am I connected to Mother Earth and to all life?

I believe that seeing from the Higher Self perspective answers these questions. And for each one of us, those answers will be as different and as unique as all the versions of Us.

This channeling empowered me to know and trust that we are All That, we are connected, we are whole. The walls of separation are an illusion.

We are One. Imagine the power of the universe within each one of us. Each one of us is an integral part of the conscious collective. We have the Creator Source energy to not just imagine a new Earth, but to reCreate, reNew, reSource, re-Member Mother Earth. For she is one with us, as we are with her.

Each one of us has the choice to align with Mother Earth from an expanded awareness, to rise above the level of the “problem”, and a

lign with a higher level of unity consciousness where we re-member all versions of ourselves back into wholeness with All of existence. What would it feel like to be in perfect union with Mother Earth as she returns to her True Self as the planet of love and pristine beauty? How can we best share our love with her and our gratitude for her bountiful gifts? We have been the recipients of her gifts for eons. Now, let us come back into balance with Mother Earth, giving and receiving in harmonious union. This is our True Nature, all of Us. We are all called to remember the One, I AM presence. From this state of consciousness, we can create miracles.

From my heart to yours:



Dorelle’s Interpretation:

As always, I have to read Kathleen’s automatic writing more than once. And, I am thrilled that our separate journeys have brought us to an intersection. That intersection has brought me to “Grounded Optimism” which I desperately needed to continue my imperfect activism on the Climate Crisis.

What “we” need now is the power of the universe to solve the planetary problems facing us. Working as an individual, our planetary problems seem impossible to solve. Yet, if we acknowledge that separation is an illusion (in the words of Carl Sagan “we are all star stuff”) and matter and energy are but different forms of the same thing, then there is hope that together we can get this done. All that is needed is hope. In the words of Vaclav Havel “Hope is a state of mind, not the state of the world”. How likely is it that our efforts to save the earth will succeed? We don’t know. We don’t need to be attached to the outcome. It is the challenge that energizes us and if “we” have the power of the universe, we can succeed, against all odds to bring Mother Earth back into balance and harmony.


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