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Creation is an Inside Job

I’ve been recently contemplating the word, “creative”, as an adjective, and “creation” as a product. I used to believe that I wasn't creative. To me creative meant artistic… being able to create a work of art. Well I certainly have zero artistic talent. I thought being creative meant having the talent to produce something beautiful; it had to have a look of beauty to it. I thought some people had that creative talent, and others, like me, just weren’t gifted with “creativity”. That was my belief that I had taken as truth, and so for many years I never consciously expressed my “creative “ side, for I believed I didn’t have one.

My awareness of what it means to be creative has completely evolved and expanded. Creativity is interconnected with creation, and creation, in its deepest meaning, is an expression of who we are. We are each that unique spark of creation energy, of the God force, of the Divine flow. The evolution of our lives is the expression of creation in each and every moment.

I may understand at a deep level that I am an expression of creation itself. But, how am I involved in that? Am I simply a reflection of God Source, living out my life, powerless to change the flow until I hit a bump, and then react? Is my life created by default? Who is creating Me? And, am I simply living out a predetermined creation of Me?

No!, and in that lies the unlimited potential of who we are, the unlimited source of creation. We are constantly co-creating our lives in every moment through our thoughts, beliefs, experiences, emotions, and most importantly through our choices. We are creating our lives either consciously or unconsciously, but always creating. If we are creating unconsciously, then we have given our power over to another. This becomes most apparent when we see ourselves as victims, blaming another for how our life has turned out, not taking responsibility for the choices we have made. Now, we can say, well, what about when I was younger and this person took away my power so that I couldn’t choose? And indeed, that is true. All of us have, at some point in our lives, experienced trauma as the result of feeling disempowered, when we believed that our power was lost, stolen, or given away to another. And that traumatized version of ourselves needs to be acknowledged, honored, and loved unconditionally. The belief that our true power is in the hands of another underlies the insecurity and helplessness in the creation of our lives. Creativity and empowerment are very closely connected, as I will discuss.

In a recent blog I spoke about “abandonment” where I said that it was one of the most common negative emotions that can become trapped and held for years within our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves. In my work as an Emotion Code Practitioner, I would say that following “abandonment”, the negative emotion of “creative insecurity” follows as a very close second. Let’s look at this more closely.

The definition of “creative insecurity” is, “Feeling unsafe or untrusting the self about the creation or development of anything - relationships, family, health, money, career.” We must recognize that we are inherently creator beings. It is our birthright, it is who we are. Our purpose is to create the highest expression and version of ourselves. Our true Self is unbounded creative potential. So, why would we feel unsafe or untrusting to create our life? Because, it can be quite scary to think about the power in that. It might be easier to blame others for our negative circumstances, lack of abundance or prosperity, relationships that aren’t working, and on and on. This lack of trust and feeling of insecurity in the creative process arises from being disconnected from the true Self. What occurs to me about the word “insecurity”, (and you will remember that I like to play with words) is that if you separate the word, it becomes “IN Security”. Thus, security comes from connecting to the Source within, to the truth of our being, and understanding that we are “Creator Source energy”. This means that we are one with the consciousness that exists in every aspect of creation. We are an aspect of this “God/Source/Creator of All That Is”. We are not only connected to this energy, but we are this energy. Step into the power of that!!! This energy is not static, but constantly co-creating with us in union and alignment. I can create from my ego self, or I can co-create from my Higher Self, where I am aligned with Divine Will. Our creative security will never come from anyone or anything or any circumstance from outside. It will only be accessed from within. And in that space, one connects with this Divine Creative force, and from that space we have the power to create anything in our life.

Co-creation from my Higher Self is so much better than being reactive which most often comes from the ego, resulting in feeling disempowered and disconnected from our authentic Self. We are reacting to what another says or does by making it our own, by taking responsibility for it as if we have created it. This is really backwards and very, very stifling to our creative Self because creation is an “IN-side” job. Feeling triggered, reactive, and disempowered are helpful clues to let you know that you’ve disconnected from your true Creator Self. None of us would do this willingly, of course, yet we do it because we have forgotten our truth as “creator beings”. Conscious creation arises and flows from the power within. It creates from a space of love, compassion, hope, trust, joy, gratitude, and confidence. When we create from this powerful space of awareness, we are co-creating with the divine creative force of the universe. We are in the flow of creation because we are aligned with our Divine Self.

And so, my understanding of what it means to be creative has certainly been taken to a higher level. Being creative is the act of living life itself. And that truly is a work of artistic beauty. Every day, I remind myself that I am consciously creating my life from the “Inside out”, not reacting from the “Outside in”. That is truth, that is power, that is beauty, that is knowing who I really Am. The choices that I make either align myself with this truth or disconnect me from it. I truly am creating my life’s masterpiece with every creative decision in every miraculous moment. I am centered in the truth that I am co-creating with the Divine Source of All that Is, and in that is my security and trust. Therefore, All is well.

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