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Love is easy for me to feel and to say to another whom I feel connected to, or the love I feel when I am connected with nature. However, I know that I’m called to “love my enemy as myself”. I believe in my heart that we are all one, but I need a term other than “love” in order to extend that “oneness” to my “enemy”. For me, “enemy” is anyone that I simply can not come to terms with, someone who appears to live in opposition to what I value which includes kindness, compassion, peace, and yes, love. I struggle with extending love to my “enemy”. When I try, it feels false to me, and it feels like I’m not being true to myself. I’m betraying myself, and going against my values when I try to send love or feel love for my “enemy”. The call to love my enemy is beyond me , and I resist the call.

I’ve been pondering this question for quite some time. As I’ve come to learn through my own spiritual journey, when I start “pondering” or trying to “figure it out”, it’s dangerous because I am leading with my mental mind instead of my heart. And what I’ve come to learn is that my head, or mental mind, is just another word for my ego.

Sometimes, it takes me awhile of pondering, but then I get that intuitive whisper that gently says, “ask your guides”. I remember then that I am divinely supported if I would just get out of my own way by clearing my mind and really listening to what spirit is trying to tell me.

So, I do my daily meditation where I can access the stillness, the oneness, …. and I hold the intention to communicate with my guides, ascended masters, angels, all who are here to support me. As I come out of meditation with a silenced mind, I pick up my journal and begin my automatic writing.

I share with you the message that came through for me.

Hello Kathleen,

We hear your struggle with the word, “love”. To withhold or give love is conditional. This love is of the ego. This is a love that you (your mental mind) deem deserving or undeserving of the one you direct it to. The truth of unconditional love is not of the ego. It is not of the mind, which determines merit or worthiness of the one being loved. It is without resistance, evaluations, judgements or attachment to deserving or non deserving. The love we speak of is who You Are- your True Self, your Divine Self, your Heart Self. This love is the fabric of all of Creation, of Self Expression, of infinite Source. This love is the essence of who you are. For this love is the same love that is the truth of every other universal being, of every other expression of Creation. Nothing is more pure than this love. You will “know” the truth of it when you connect with it. Peace, compassion, and joy are its companions. So, dear One, as you extend love to another, fear not whether you deem him/her worthy. Ask only to send the true love that comes from your truth within, your true Self. The flow of that love is easy, non resistant, gentle, and not attached to another’s behavior that you may judge as right or wrong. Know that you only need ask for our help to choose true love. The ego’s love can’t touch this. Your higher Self knows true love. Align with your higher Self and fear not that false love, which is the ego’s illusion, has any power over your soul’s desire to express and extend true love. So, hold no judgements against yourself when you feel that you can not love your “enemy”. That is false love if it feels heavy, resistant, non deserving. Be compassionate with yourself. It is your ego’s version of love, and not the truth. You have the power in every moment to choose truth, which is always true love. It is one and the same.

When I receive a message from spirit through automatic writing, I don’t stop to reread it until the message is complete. As I reread this, I feel the high vibration of the words, and I could feel the love behind them. Yet, I’ll admit on a practical level, I needed more inspiration, another way to perceive this message. And so, I reread the words again, quieted my mind and connected with my inner truth. The following insight is not a message from my guides but my attempt to reconcile the unconditional love they describe with the reality of my humanness in today’s world.

In my human weakness, I cannot extend love to my enemy because the feeling of love is a human emotion that carries with it all sorts of conditions, whether conscious or unconscious. I accept that my human emotions are not capable of of feeling love or sending love to my enemy. My guides have reminded me not to judge myself negatively for this, and that lifts a great burden from me. This allows me to realize that my ego didn’t want to send love because my enemy didn’t deserve my love. The word “love” did not express my truth because I was equating it with the feeling of love that I would have for a family member or friend. What I realize now is the “love” my guides refer to transcends the feeling of love.

For me, the love my guides are describing equates more with the Sanskrit word "Namaste" said to another means, “The divine light within me honors and acknowledges the divine light within you. When you are in that space within you, and I am in that space in me, we are one”. Namaste is not an extension of a feeling, or of a word, but a conscious choice to acknowledge the divine oneness through which we are all connected. It acknowledges the Divine light that each of us shares with each other and that we share with the Creator of All that Is. I can extend Namaste to my enemies. It feels true for me. When I say Namaste , its meaning resonates with my belief in the truth that we are one with all because we all hold the same pure light of the Divine. I trust that my enemy is holding that Divine spark, that it exists within, even if I can’t see it because of his/her actions or because of my ego’s judgement. Even if that light has been covered by layers of darkness, I can choose to see the light within because I “know” this to be true. This truth I can feel in the depth of my soul.

I truthfully admit that I am not capable of loving my enemy. But, the one that I acknowledge and honor with Namaste transcends the face of my enemy. When I extend Namaste to my enemy, I am consciously choosing to see the Divine within the spiritual heart of the other, and this I can do because I can see the light of my higher Self connected with the higher Self of the other. Namaste leaves me with a sense of peace. I feel less resistance because I am expressing my true Self and extending that outward. It feels right.

The world needs Namaste now more than ever, and in this connection there are no enemies. If each one of us truly honors our own Divine light and radiates this light out to another whose light may not be shining so brightly, imagine how our world would be transformed.

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