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Traveling Down One Soul Purpose Road

We all ponder these questions at some point or another:

What am I supposed to be doing here?

What is my higher purpose?

How do I live this higher purpose in my everyday life?

Can I really live a higher purpose within the seemingly mundane everyday life?

Or live a higher purpose within the chaos that often pulls me in?

I wonder…. Are there 2 different parts of me… the one fulfilling her higher purpose, and the one who goes about her everyday life.?

It can feel very burdensome to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing here in this lifetime on this planet . Sometimes I feel like a speck in this universe. How do I fit into all of this? It can feel overwhelming.

Am I doing my part?

Am I doing enough to make things better?

And, enough of what?

What am I supposed to be doing?

I can sometimes feel lost in all of this.

I wonder… How is what I am doing right now of any significance in the whole scheme of things? I feel very fractured and out of alignment when I get like this. Mentally I go into self doubt and self criticism. Emotionally I feel fear, lost, alone, disconnected

When I go into observation mode, I can actually see myself doing this, going down that road where the ego mind wants to take me. And I can see myself heading down that road as if I have no choice in the matter… like I’m being led by some boogeyman, and I can’t turn back.

I believe we have all experienced this at some time or another, this feeling that we’re not in charge of our own lives; that our higher purpose is somehow on that other path, and the 2 paths run parallel to each other. I’m on either one or the other. So, how do I integrate my soul’s path with the path that seems to be my everyday life path? Is there a crossroad where they come together as ONE?

Hmm, there’s that Oneness thing again. It keeps coming back to that.

The above paragraphs would be an example of how my mental mind can start carrying me away. And then, it is time to go into the stillness, to dive beneath the surface, and to surrender into the truth that comes from within my heart.

I share this divine message that came through from the stillness of meditation, as I surrendered into the depth of my soul and asked the question: “What am I being called to do”?

As always, this is my unedited automatic writing. I do not stop the writing until it is finished. I then go back to read it.

“Oh, sweet Child of the Light. It is so simple. It is to be the radiant Child of the Light that you are. … moment to moment, allow the expression of your light to radiate within and without. Be this, for it is Being your truth. There is no other purpose, and in that is the simple joy, peace, balance, and love. For you are love divine. How freeing is this for you to know in your heart! All versions of you are coming together to celebrate and remember who you are - and this is all experienced with your heart. This is the time for a welcome home celebration.

This is Yeshua who is speaking to you. Dear Child of the Christ Light. This is like the Prodigal Son coming home to the heart within. Every aspect of you that has been lost to the light is coming home now. You are in this pure Christ light to call all of you home. As you call the One Child home, you call all home. For we are all One in the light.

This is what I taught, but was not understood at that time. But now, so many have embraced the Christ Light. We are all coming home into Oneness.

Sweet Child, I tell you this. As you come home unto yourself, all comes home into the “Oneness of All That Is.”

Yes, it is I, Yeshua, and you have been asking to receive my words. You are free now of all limitations placed upon you by the church, free of all illusions of your worth to receive me. You are free to receive me. Bring me home unto your heart. Can you see, dear Child, that All That Is is of the heart?

So when you become confused, fearful, in doubt or judgement, breathe into your heart and know that it is the living God essence that you are. Do not allow your mind to pull apart my words to find meaning. It is found in the frequency of your Divine Heart, the Sacred Heart.

I leave you now with my deep love and joy. You are free my child, you are free.”

I don’t always understand the words from these divine messages, but I can certainly feel the meaning. My greatest purpose is to Be Who I Am. It’s not in what I do, but in who I be. For in the Being of Who I Am, in the moment to moment remembering of Who I Am, that is my purpose. To radiate this Light, simply by Being the Truth of Who I Am, how wonderfully freeing is that. There is a road , I’ll call it the One Soul Purpose Road. This road is free, it’s easy, it’s clear, it’s beautiful. And best of all, as I walk this road, moment by moment, the Light of Who I Am radiates out for others to join me as the One that We Are. This is my purpose. To remember this road is always here for me. That when I walk this road, I am fulfilling my purpose in ways that I could never have imagined with my mental mind. Sometimes I forget the truth of who I am, or I allow my light to be dimmed, and that’s ok. When I get into all the bumps, the pot holes, the mud, I remember then that I simply chose the other road. I know how to get back to the One Soul Purpose Road. Go within to the light within my heart and start again.


To clarify Yeshua’s words:

“Yes, it is I, Yeshua, and you have been asking to receive my words. You are free now of all limitations placed upon you by the church, free of all illusions of your worth to receive me.”

A few weeks back, Mother Mary came to me with a message, and she said that her son, Yeshua, was here as well. It was a beautiful message, but the words were from Mother Mary. I began to wonder why Yeshua did not speak directly with his words to me if he were present with Mother Mary. I asked myself if there was something blocking me from receiving his words. Did I feel that I was not worthy to hear from him, or not good enough?

And then, like a lightening flash, I heard these words come back to me. I must have repeated this phrase thousands of times as I attended Mass growing up. “ Lord, I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed”. All I could hear was, “I am not worthy to receive you”…. and even if I were healed, it meant that I wasn’t good enough to receive Jesus to begin with. That was my truth as I understood it from such a young age. I tell you this, not as a judgment against the rituals of the Mass, but as a child who only heard and repeated, “I am not worthy”.

So, this is my first automatic writing where the message has come directly from Yeshua.

It was I who was blocking his connection with me. When I understood this, I felt a total sense of freedom because I know in my heart, my truth, that I am the Christ ,and I opened myself to receive his words.

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