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The Flow of Life

The Flow of Life

I had been contemplating my discomfort with “uncertainty”. So, after quiet meditation, I picked up my pen and journal to receive guidance from spirit.

The following is an excerpt from my automatic writing.

Our dear Kathleen,

We welcome you into our energy. We connect with you instantaneously as you call us in. We are here to “light you up”, “enlighten” you, to make your life even brighter, lighter, easier. This is your truth. As you encompass more light, you rise in frequency, vibration. This ascended state is much more easy for you now to access, shift into.

This possibility is eternally yours. Again, we tell you it is through the eternal present moment that you access the creation of your life, moment by moment.

Creation will always be accompanied with some degree of uncertainty. Creation is the polarity of uncertainty . It is the allowance of uncertainty. It is remaining in the flow of creation in spite of the uncertainty, or the fear of change. Beneath the uncertainty is fear of change. Fear and creation are polar dualities. By embracing the uncertainty/fear, you step into the flow of creation- the creative force of the universe, which is always fluid, moving, evolving, unfolding. By accepting, even embracing the uncertainty, you move into the universal flow of creation.

The kayak image that you have visualized is indeed a beautiful metaphor for this process of life and creation. As you kayak down a moving river or stream, there is always uncertainty of the path. What about that boulder right up ahead? What about that branch on the inside channel? What about the obstructions around the bend that I can’t even see now? A lot of uncertainty.

Do you navigate by focusing on the boulders? Do you resist the natural flow of water by furiously paddling against it to avoid the obstacle? No. You know the mantra for kayaking when you come close to the obstacle: “Lean in”. Leaning into the obstacle of course is “counter intuitive.” Instead, you want to push away from it, even as the natural flow has pulled you in close to the obstacle. Perhaps you are even judging the existence of that obstacle being there. And the closer you get to it, you feel more resistance within. You can no longer avoid it, you are there. Your choice in that present moment is to resist and turn away, or “lean in” and embrace it without judging its presence as blocking your flow. And if you are in the state of resistance and judgement, you surely will topple out of your kayak as soon as you lean away. You are now out of the creative, natural flow. You’ll struggle, perhaps even swear at the obstacle, blame it for knocking you over….

Perhaps, though, you may laugh, admitting your own folly, without self-recrimination or judgement. You’ll struggle a bit to get back in your kayak and back in the natural flow.

Now the other choice , which is yours, of course, because you have free will, is to lean into that obstacle, trust that the natural flow will take you around the obstacle instead of smacking right into it. You let go of all resistance to the obstacle in front of you, and you allow the natural flow of the water to carry you, smoothly, peacefully, effortlessly, around that obstacle.

Yet it is only by choosing to “lean in” and to trust in the natural flow, the creative force, that the path is easy and light. So, we come back to this image of the flowing water. It is like the flow of the creative energy force of the universe.

You have the free will to live the flow of life in anxiety and resistance to the uncertainty of obstacles along your path. And surely, this will ruin the fun and passion of your life experience. Or, you can choose to enjoy every moment of the flow, observing in gratitude all of the beauty around you. Of course you can and should be in awareness of “possible uncertainties”. But those uncertainties are not your focus, instead you are living the experience of the fullness of all that is around you. You are in the vibrations of joy, passion, ease, gratitude, flow, and the creation of your present moment, and the next and the next. You are in the natural flow. You hold the knowing that when the obstacle appears, you can freely choose how to navigate it: resist and push away, or lean in with trust.

You are meant to live this life with joy and ease. You came here to experience life in the fullest, and that includes all. But, it is what you choose to focus on, your perception of the ride that truly will create your reality.

Do you fear the boulders or debris that is present here and there, or do you trust in the power within you that guides you and reminds you that you are part of this creative flow?

So, we are here to remind you of this truth and to assist you in accessing the vibration of ease and non resistance in the face of uncertainty and change. For the boulders of uncertainty and change are as much a part of the stream of life as is the clear open “V” in the stream that invites you to follow the natural flow. Both can be navigated with ease and grace.

We are your “Star Council of Light, the Pleiadian Collective” here to assist you, to serve you, as you serve others.

I ask myself if I can live in the present and accept uncertainty within that moment. I’m not sure if uncertainty takes me immediately out of the present moment and into the future. But, I believe kayaking is the closest I come to aligning the vibration of feeling present with the excitement of the uncertainty.

I invite you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and begin to visualize yourself in a kayak floating down the river. Perhaps the attached video will help you connect with the imagery .

Can you feel the tranquility of being in the flow knowing that you are guided and completely capable of handling whatever presents itself in your path? Not only are you centered in the vibration of peace, but also in the vibration of excitement as to what is unfolding along your journey. You are awake and aware of the fullness of life in all its forms. As you feel the joy of oneness with the river, you know that All is well and in perfect divine timing .

May you be blessed with peace, joy, and excitement as you “lean in” to the creative potential of uncertainty.


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