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If Our Heart is Open, then Our Vision is Clear!

Hello Again My Dear Friends,

In my previous blog, you saw the graphic here, taken from the book, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) by Antoine St. Exupery. Look very closely at this picture. What do you see? An outline of a hat? Or, a picture of an elephant inside the stomach of a boa constrictor?

As a French teacher, I never grew tired of teaching a unit on Le Petit Prince. Each year I learned something new from my students as they discovered the magic of seeing the world through the eyes of a child. This is a child’s tale, but also a lesson for “all grown ups who were once children, but don’t remember.”

The deeper meaning of life, as seen through the innocent eyes of the Little Prince, cuts through all the illusions that adults think of as important and real in life.

When the Little Prince showed his picture to each adult, none could see the truth of the elephant inside the boa. They could only see it as a hat because they were not seeing it through the creative innocence of a child.

How often do we only see what’s on the outside of a person, limited by our perception of their behavior or their appearance, and forget to look deeply to the inside to find the truth within?

How can we see the truth inside another when we are caught in the illusion of viewing from what is presented to us on the outside? How many of us can only see the outside “hat”, as all the grown ups did in The Little Prince? How can we truly see the “elephant inside the stomach of the boa”?

The secret to finding that answer… my absolute favorite quote of all time, is what the Little Prince learned from the fox:

“On ne voit qu’avec le coeur. Ce qui est essentiel est invisible aux yeux.”

“One only sees with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eyes.”

Little did I realize on a conscious level during those teaching years that I would be so drawn to the universal truths found within Le Petit Prince, that I would now be clearing heart walls in my work with the Emotion/Body Code! Our heart is the seat of our soul, the source of love, creativity and innocence. It is only through the eyes of the heart that we can perceive truth, not only in ourselves, but in each other.

Dr. Nelson, creator of The Emotion Code, discovered that negative emotions are commonly trapped around the heart, creating a huge wall, which he refers to as “The Heart Wall”. The foundation of the work that I do with clients is to remove their Heart Wall.

In my previous blog I mentioned the emotions that I had been holding onto since kindergarten, which were keeping me frozen, preventing me from moving forward with my goals. If we are to live our lives thru a heart based consciousness, then we need to be able to see clearly.

If our heart is open, then our vision is clear. The opposite is also true... if our heart is weighed down with numerous negative emotions going all the way back to childhood, then we are blocked from those childlike qualities of truth, innocence, laughter, play, creativity, and love, all of which are our birthright and the truth of who we are.

Looking through your heart, you’ll see why I love Le Petit Prince, and why I love the work that I do with The Emotion Code… one heart at a time.

To all the innocent hearts out there, may you remember the truth of who you are.

In love and light,


You can learn more about the Emotion Code by visiting Dr. Bradley Nelson's web page:​

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