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A Whisper Calling Us Home

Hello Dear Friends,

What a most special time of year this is…. the light, peace, and joy of the Christmas season and the excitement of all the possibilities in the New Year. I send my heartfelt gratitude for your presence in my life. May you all be blessed with health, joy, peace, gratitude, and abundance in every precious moment now and in the new year.

As we begin the new year, I I’d like to again share with you an “automatic writing” piece. I am so grateful to receive these messages from spirit. In the stillness, I have come to really listen to the whispers that come through, and I allow my hand to follow the whispers that I receive.

Part of my journey this past year has been to trust more deeply in what comes through to me during my time of “automatic writing”.

The acronym “STAR” is my guiding light: Surrender, Trust, Allow, Receive. When I surrender my mental mind and trust that I am guided by spirit… really trust what comes through without interference from the mental mind… then I relax and allow the flow to move through me. I receive what I hear and write without editing or stopping or questioning.

Believe me, this has taken practice!! This has been a process for me, and I share this acronym with you because it has profoundly helped me to transcend my mental mind and to be in present moment awareness.

And so, I trust that the messages I receive in my “automatic writing” are not meant for me alone. We are all “One”. As these messages are an inspiration for me, it is my intention to share more of them with you during the coming year. I know that I am being called to radiate the light in these messages. I’ll admit, I feel vulnerable here. Who am I to do this? But, I’ve been hearing the whispers that this is what I am called to do, and I must trust “STAR”.

As I share a “whisper of writing” with you, I feel the “One” that we are. It is my hope… my intention, that you will remember the light that you are. In this New Year… a new day… a new moment and a new beginning… may one of my “whispers” call you Home.

With love and gratitude,


“Hello, our most beloved Kathleen. Yes, we know that you feel our support and presence.

The gift is in the present moment. Within the present moment is the access to the “whole”. Here in lies the opening of the heart, the path to stillness, peace, and oneness. All of the fractured, isolated, separate selves come back to truth, to wholeness within the heart. The heart welcomes all the separated parts of you. There is no judgement here, no prison walls, no enslavement. Today, we remind you of the gift which you have always had. It is the gift of freedom, of free choice.

You are free in every sacred moment to choose to come home to your heart, the One Heart. Here in is the “Christ Light”, the “Higher Self”, the “silent voice” of remembrance of the truth of who you are. You are a perfect being of Divine love and light. You are free of the chains of illusion here in the One Heart. This truly is the kingdom within.

We are here, dear One, to help you remember the power you have to choose. This “reality” is always open to you. For it always “Is”. It is the God force Essence that waits in silence in the back drop of your physical existence and form. It is timeless and ageless and whole. The physical illusion of separation from the whole has no access here.

We tell you that as you freely choose to birth the Christ light, you are indeed coming home to the One Heart. Rest and be at peace in this knowing, dear One, that you are given the gift of free will to release the self imposed chains that hold you back. You are meant to live life from this state of wholeness, to be in alignment with the One Heart. All of life comes to you with grace, ease, and flow when you are aligned with the energy, the Essence of the Divine Heart.

We are of the “angelic realm of light,” here to bring you a message of peace, here to lead you home unto your Divine Self. “

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