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Who Am I?

Last month I shared with you how much I love Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s children’s book, The Little Prince which relates to this month’s blog that I have titled “Who Am I?

I have often pondered that question and it is an essential question to learning to love yourself for who you are. So, I asked my guides that question during one of my automatic journal writings. For those of you unfamiliar with automatic writing, it’s when you give yourself a quiet space, usually after meditation, and just allow the words to flow on paper. It’s incredible what comes through. I hope you will be inspired to try it yourself. It is the perfect way to get in touch with who you really are (Your Higher Self) and give expression to that voice. With that in mind, I share this very personal journal entry with you, as it flowed through me during my journal writing.

“Kathleen, who are you, you ask? Who do you see yourself as? Can you let go of the perceptions of yourself and envision what is really beyond that? You do have the ability to ascend beyond the mind, to connect with that which is beyond understanding. For that is where you join with the Heart. It is the Heart that transcends time and space. The Heart is the eternal you.

The rose, for you, is an important symbol which can be used to illustrate this understanding. The rose has great significance for you.

The answer to the question Who Am I really? is the Rose. The you who asks the question is the “observer” of the rose.

The rose exists in all its beauty, independent of you, the observer, and independent of your observations of it.

The rose buds again and again, always in its own “time.” which is really “no time” . Its beauty is timeless and ageless. It is you, the observer , whose perceptions change each time you look at the rose.

Some days, you may perceive the rose that is the true you blooming in all its glory. You feel empowered, alive, and one with all. Perhaps another day you may perceive the rose as just a small bud on a vine. You feel diminished, disempowered, stuck. Perhaps another day, you see only the numerous thorns. You feel that life has abandoned you. You feel the struggle , the heaviness, the pain in life. Perhaps another day you may not even perceive the rose at all , for it is veiled in mist. You lack clarity and have lost connection with the truth of who you are.

The rose exists, however, independent of you, the observer. The Rose is Life. It is perfection, whether it manifests as seed, root, bud, or in full bloom. It grows, evolves, changes. Yet it is forever changeless and eternal.

Your clarity is not dependent on the Rose. Clarity is in the heart of the observer. Does the “observer you “ see the perfection of the rose in all its aspects?

The truth of who you are is always changing, yet it is forever changeless and eternal.

The rose is always there. But depending on what point in “time” and “space” that you, the observer chooses to look at it, you will see a different aspect of it. So, the point is to see the rose in its full cycle, in its perfection, no matter at what point in its cycle that you choose to perceive it. There is nothing that you, the observer, can do to ever change the beauty and truth of the existence of the rose. It is perfect in all time and space, from its emergence through the soil of Mother Earth to its full expression of radiance as it opens its petals to bask in the the Sun’s rays. It has fulfilled its purpose simply and brilliantly just by being perfectly as it is.”

Through my work with clients and “The Emotion/Body Code”, it has been awe inspiring for me to facilitate the “observer” connecting at the deepest level with the “Rose” within. Releasing trapped emotions, Heart Walls , negative beliefs about ourselves that may or may not even belong to us, but all of which veil our perception of the Rose, we are able to more profoundly connect with the truth of who we are. When we do that, then all the perceptions, beliefs, judgements, and opinions pale in the light of our true magnificence and beauty.

In Love and Light,


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