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The Playful Great Blue Heron

Creation Through Intention and Desire

I just finished my daily meditation with Deepak Chopra, called “Expanding Your Happiness.” The core of who we are, our natural state, is one of happiness. Deepak says that one way to expand your own happiness is to share it with others. So, in the spirit of expanding my happiness, I’d like to share an amazing experience I had a few weeks ago while kayaking on the Pine River in Michigan. I still smile when I reflect on this experience, and I think it will make you smile too. But, before I relate the experience, some background information is called for. This experience is also a lesson in the art of creating and manifesting a reality through intention and desire. I have learned this spiritual practice from Deepak Chopra’s book: The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. There are other versions of this, including “The Law Of Attraction”. I hope that through sharing my kayaking experience, I will move you to use the Law of Intention and Desire, and you will then know first hand of its power.

In my recent blog, I wrote about the importance of quieting the mind. One way to do this is by connecting with nature. A spiritual teacher that I know recently told me that GOD is an acronym for “Go Out Doors”. I believe that connecting with nature is about the easiest way to feel “Divine Presence”, and the most direct way to access the present moment. Each glorious expression of the “Source of All” reveals itself moment by present moment when in nature. The inner knowing that we are “All One” is so much easier to connect with when surrounded by the beauty of nature and silently witnessing the intelligence within every living thing. It is also from this space that we can set our most heartfelt intentions and desires into reality.

It was from within this state of awareness as I was gently paddling downstream, feeling the flow of the water supporting me with every stroke, that I gave gratitude for the beauty around me. I felt whole, supported, and “One with All”. I then asked my spirit guides, the angels, the universe to send me a special gift somewhere along the river today, perhaps to see a deer in the woods, or perhaps a little animal swimming in the water, or a special bird. I absolutely love great blue herons, so I set my intention and focus to witness a blue heron in all its glory at some point along the river. As much as I love blue herons, I would be grateful and feel blessed by any surprise of nature that the universe would provide. It is at this moment that I began to use the “Law of Intention and Desire” to put my energy into “focused intention” to create an opportunity to see a blue heron. I visualized him in my mind flying overhead and landing somewhere along the river’s bank. I focused the energy from within my “3rd eye chakra” to create an image of what he would look like, and how excited I would feel to catch a glimpse of him. The creation process consists not only of a clear intention and focus, but it is very important to attach this to a high vibrational feeling state such as joy, excitement, passion, serenity, awe, gratitude! Connecting your intention and attention to a higher vibrational feeling state lets the universe know how you want to feel as your creation is manifested. Feelings and thoughts are energies, and it is through this energy that we plant the seed into the “field of pure potentiality”, “the field of all possibilities”, the “womb of creation”.

Once the energy of the intention is set forth into the field of all possibilities, then the next step is to practice the “Law of Detachment”, another one of the 7 Spiritual Laws. This detachment means that you know and trust that when you consciously create from a space of gratitude and joy, that the universe will support you and bring forth all for your highest and best good. When you step into this field of infinite possibilities, and release any attachment to outcomes, then you will experience the fun, adventure, magic and mystery of life.

Here is the scenario of the miraculous magic that manifested from my intention and desire. Within about 10 min. of setting my intention as described, I came upon a beautiful great blue heron perched on a log at the edge of the flowing river. As I came upon him I was struck by his beauty and majesty as he stood high on the log with his long neck reaching to the sky. I mentally told him how beautiful he was and thanked him for his presence. I then told him not to be afraid, and that I would love for him to stay with me for a while. As soon as I passed him by in the kayak, he spread his wings of blue and flew next to me and in front of me further down the river. He waited on the next log, quietly and in the same manner as he had when I first saw him. Again, as I kayaked by him, he did not fly away. This time as I approached him I asked him to accompany me for awhile along the river. He stayed on the log until I passed him by, and then he proceeded to fly overhead above me and continued downstream until he landed on the next log. I now knew for sure that he was waiting for me and was actually playing with me. Each time I approached him he waited for me to pass and then continued in the same manner, flying downstream and choosing the next area to sit and wait. This went on for at least 5 or 6 times, and it was obvious to me that this was my gift from the universe and that I had created this reality through my intention and gratitude and allowance. After about the 6th time, he flew off in the opposite direction behind me upstream. I felt so inspired, and I knew intuitively that he and I had communicated without words. I felt the interconnectedness between myself, this beautiful creature, and the entire universe in each and every moment that I spent with him.

That evening as I relived in my mind the amazing experience with the heron, I felt an absolute confidence that this experience had been a perfect creation of reality through the power of intention. I therefore set the intention that the next day I would see the heron, and that this time, I would play the same game with him. However this time, I was even more specific, and I said I would like him to perform his majestic presentation a total of 10 times. I visualized this in my imagination, and I felt the excitement, joy, and amazement of how cool that would be. Well, do you know where I am going with this?

An incredible encounter with the blue heron occurred the next day. I saw him in just about the same spot as I had seen him the day before. He was perched on a log at the side of the river. He was waiting for me as I approached. I greeted him, thanking him so much for manifesting himself to me again. I asked him directly if he would play the same game with me as yesterday: perching on a log, waiting for me to silently float by, then flying ahead of me downstream to the next spot repeating this same pattern. At the first sighting of him, I asked that he follow along with me for a total of 10 times today. And sure enough, we played the game, and I counted each time I approached, and he flew ahead. After 6 times, I knew he was going to continue. I counted 7, 8, 9, 10 as each time he repeated the same pattern. At the 10th time, I thanked him for responding to my request. Then I said to him, just to prove that we really are communicating, “would you please give me one more time to make this 11 flights?”. Sure enough, he flew overhead downstream one more time. As I came by him, I was so filled with joy, gratitude and awe. He then spread his wings of blue, took off and headed back upstream. I did not see him again that day.

As I relate this story, I still smile because I think, really? Do we really have this power to co create our reality by setting our intention and allowing the universe to manifest the magic of creation? Yes, I believe this with all my heart because we are “One with the Universe, with the Source of All That Is”.

Just think of how our world could be transformed if each one of us used our authentic, God given creative abilities to manifest a reality of beauty, peace, and joy with higher consciousness thoughts, intentions, and feelings. We truly are co creators of this universe. This experience with the blue heron has expanded my awareness of the immense power given to us to manifest our heart’s desire. We only need to seed our intention into the universal field of all possibilities and trust in the power of creation.

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