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Surrender, Trust, Allow and Receive

This is a recent excerpt from my collection of automatic writings. In a previous blog, I discussed how automatic writing can be a wonderful tool to access a deeper connection with your spirit guides and Higher Self. Messages come through as you open yourself to a state of receiving. Before I begin writing, I use the acronym STAR as a helpful mantra to open myself up to this connection and guidance.

Surrender, Trust, Allow, and Receive with gratitude.

I share this particular excerpt because it fits with my “Earth Day” theme, and it also shows you how my guides can gently nudge me to remember to follow my heart, something I tend to forget when I focus on “righting the wrongs of the world”.

Hello Kathleen,

We are here, your guides, your friends in spirit. We want to talk about your connection with us. You are growing ever more aware of the magnitude of support on our part that is always surrounding you. Sometimes you forget to put your trust in us as you “struggle” to make things happen, or to “figure out” the meaning behind something, someone, or some event outside of you which so conflicts with your sense of “right” and “wrong”.

This need you have to “figure it out” is always connected to some form of judgement that you hold within yourself. Yet you believe, or hold the illusion, that this has to do with your external reality, of what you perceive as “out there”. Trying to “figure it out” leaves you feeling even more frustrated, judgmental, and lacking in trust of the higher Divine plan. It separates you further from the truth of your identity as a spiritual expression of the Divine. Each time that you look out there and try to “figure it out” - why someone acts as they do, why the world seems to be sinking into darkness, why are so many suffering, why is there such disregard for planet Earth… you are not “trying to figure it out”, but indeed you are stepping out of compassion into judgement. You are connecting with your ego mind, your mental mind, your lower mind. This is your ego’s effort to separate you. If your ego can figure out why, then certainly that makes you superior to those others out there, thus creating more separation.

Instead, we invite you to step into compassion and unconditional love, which is of the heart, not of the mind. True compassion knows no “figuring it out”, for it simply is. It exists in a state of grace. In this space of unconditional love and compassion there is complete union with deep inner knowing and trust. This can not co-exist with the mental mind’s struggle to “figure it out”.

We tell you that the more you surrender your mental mind’s ( your ego’s) need to understand the cruelty, the hatred, the abuse, the inhumanity… as you perceive it, the easier you will flow into the space of unconditional love and compassion. Your non attachment to this need to “figure it out” will truly enlighten you beyond any mental understanding. This enlightenment is of the heart. This is the space of receiving divine wisdom. This is a wisdom of true knowing, beyond egoic words that explain your perception of the human condition, beyond your having “figured it out”.

In this higher dimension of Divine love, compassion, and wisdom, we tell you Kathleen, that you will find the peace, comfort, connection, and confidence to live your authentic truth. And you will feel more compassion, love, and acceptance of yourself. We tell you this again. All is One. Simply be in love and peace. Breathe this into your heart space. Hold this light for yourself. For as you do this for yourself, you do for all.

As I meditate on the message above, I offer my own personal reflection on this guided message.

The celebration of Earth Day is arriving April 22, 2017. One of my attachments to “figuring it out” has been, I admit, my perception of the disregard for the health and vitality of our planet. My ego mind can easily fall into judgements, opinions, conclusions about the abuse of Mother Earth. I intend right now to release this attachment to the why, and to connect into a heart based consciousness of love, light, and compassion for Mother Earth.

I have been the recipient of her grace, beauty, and awesome power. I have scuba dived in her oceans and seas. I have kayaked her rivers. I have climbed her majestic mountains. I have smelled the sweet perfume of her flowers. I have felt her breeze caress my face. I have tasted and been sustained with the food grown in her rich soil. And her water,our life source, flows within us.

I honor you, Mother Earth, and am filled with gratitude for your abundant gifts. I acknowledge that I am One with you as we are all One with you and with each other.

I set my intention to support you not just on Earth Day, but every day. I do this by making personal choices and actions that will contribute to your health and vitality.

The healing of Mother Earth is the healing of every one of us. Opening our heart to this awareness can bring great change. The awesome power of Mother Earth is the same power that we have to give back to her what we have taken.

We all have a special contribution to make. Whether it be connected to conservation, cleansing the oceans and land, global warming, protecting the living earth… we have the power to choose and create positive change. Let us do this for Mother Earth, ourselves, and our future generations.

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