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The Light Continues to Shine, Even when our Shadows Block it Out.

The Light Continues to Shine even when our Shadows Blocks it Out

I went into my meditation today, and the overall theme of this 21 day series is “Grace and Gratitude”. It’s one of Chopra’s 21 day meditations, which I love and find so inspiring. I was easily able to slip into the flow and access feelings associated with these high vibrational energies of grace and gratitude.

I could feel my mental mind and all its distractions dissolving as I entered this space of serenity and peace. This time spent in silence is such a gift to myself. I felt centered and connected with my Divine Self, my higher Self. It’s not a thought process. It’s a state of being, a knowing of a higher truth that is intangible, yet so real you can feel it.

The meditation bell rang, and I knew my session was coming to a close. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me, noticing my beautiful flower garden, hearing the water flowing through my fountain, feeling the breeze gently blowing against my skin. I could feel grace and gratitude flowing through me and surrounding me. I really wanted to hold this state of awareness and high vibration.

And I thought, how can I hold this vibration? When I turn on the news or read the newspaper, I am called back to the recent events of violence, hatred, and terror. So, I asked for guidance. How do I hold this higher vibration that I accessed in my meditation in the face of all of the fear, threats, and lack of compassion and love that has been so blatantly demonstrated in the news lately? What can I do to uplift and not debase? What power do I hold in the midst of all of this?

It is often my practice to do automatic writing after my meditation. It is a time where my mind is more settled and I can easily connect with my spirit guides, angels, higher Self.

I share with you my “automatic writing” that came about from my questions to my guides. Perhaps it will serve to uplift you as it almost always does for me.

“Hello, Kathleen,

We are here with you in the vibration of peace and gratitude and grace. This is the vibration of your Higher Self, your true Self. You can feel the truth of it.

We sense your distracted thoughts over some of the recent violence on your planet, in your communities, among your fellow human beings.

You have heard us encouraging you to hold the light in these troubled times. Do not drop your vibration by allowing your mental mind to hold judgements. For this will lead to more fear and distress. Continue to hold yourself in compassion and unconditional love. Continue to send light and love to not only the victims but the perpetrators. We know this can be extremely difficult for you, most especially when you lower your vibration and fall into judgement. We know the conflict within you, as it is for so many now. But, we tell you that the light will shine through the darkness. Those who are in the shadow and darkness are lost. They are lost to themselves, lost to their truth, lost to their expression of themselves as love incarnate.

Therefore, holding them in your light will raise them up if they so choose. (Everyone has free choice to follow the light or darkness)To lower your vibration to meet them in their darkness will distract you from your own expression of light and love. You are empowered always to choose for yourself. What do you want? Who do you want to be? What state of awareness do you want to hold yourself in?

You are not in this alone. Ask us for help. When you feel judgements, confusion, alone, disempowered, frightened, call on us. When your perception of the violence overwhelms you, ask us for assistance. We surround you in grace and lift you up.

Let not these troubled times as you perceive them cause you to forget the truth of who you are.

Be the light that shines through the darkness."

I’ll admit, it’s so easy to fall into that lower vibration. But, I don’t like it at all. It feels heavy and constricted, like I’m being pulled into quicksand. And once I’m in that constricted state of awareness, it’s so much easier for me to lash out, become ungrounded, disconnected, and get pulled into fear based consciousness. And the truth is, this doesn’t help me, it doesn’t help those around me, and it does nothing to raise the collective consciousness.

I can only say that our world needs more love, peace, and compassion…. not less. That is what I want and who I want to be. I can’t do it alone, so I need to remember to ask my guidance for help and be open to receiving. We all need to shine our light. This doesn’t have to be with grandiose acts. Let your light shine with “random acts of kindness”. Greet others with a smile. Write a note of appreciation or thanks. Hold open the door to follow another out. Pay for a stranger’s cup of coffee. When someone cuts you off in traffic, send a silent blessing instead of cursing. Find small ways to demonstrate love and respect for others. Our children are observing us. Be a model for them to express their light and love. I believe with all my heart that the light will shine through the darkness.

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